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In my early professional years I was asking the question:
 How can I treat, or cure, or change this person?
 Now I would phrase the question in this way:
 How can I provide a relationship which this person may use for his own personal growth?
             (Carl Rogers, On Becoming a Person, 1961)
My professional approach is based on the philosophy of Carl Rogers, who believed that in the right conditions we can develop, grow and heal in the best possible way for ourselves. Those conditions – which include empathetic listening, unconditional acceptance and personal authenticity – can be created in a person-to-person setting, and this is what I aim for in my practice. Our lives are constantly shifting and changing. Many parts are beautiful, but we can also find ourselves in difficult, dark and painful places. We experience loss and we carry with us hurt from our childhoods. We’re not happy with ourselves, our relationships, our lives. We search, but then we feel like we haven’t got the strength anymore... and so sometimes we sense that we need support, a chance to talk things through, to find some answers, or to heal particular aspects of our lives. In these situations psychotherapy can be of real help. Sessions take the form of a conversation, generally 50 minutes, although I can also try and work with you on a different format according to your needs. As a therapist I don’t see myself as an authority or advisor, more like a guide, and I always try to create an atmosphere of safety and unconditional acceptance, where there is space for everything you want to deal with. It goes without saying that therapy is a place of absolute discretion and confidentiality.

Some situations where psychotherapy can help: 

Personal crisis 
Loss or major life changes 
Anxiety, panic, fear 
Sadness and depression 
Psychosomatic issues, pain, fatigue  
Emotional stress 
Relationship issues 
Low self-esteem 
Feelings of unfulfillment, disappointment 
Self-discovery, searching for meaning 
Longing for self-understanding 
Needing to understand changes arising on your spiritual path 
Desire for change
I conduct my professional practice in accordance with the
Statement of Ethical Principles of the European Association for Psychotherapy

Barbora halamová

“Am I living in a way which is deeply satisfying to me, and which truly expresses me?”
barbora halamova
This question, posed by Carl Rogers, has accompanied me for most of my adult life. And I believe it was the desire to answer “Yes” that led me to my first contact with psychotherapy – now more than 15 years ago. Through study and self-experience I set out then on a voyage of discovery, trying to find out what it means, for me, to live a fulfilled and authentic life. And so, slowly but surely, my passion grew into my profession. 
I’m a woman, mum to two amazing children and a psychotherapist in the Person-Centred Approach (PCA). I see therapy as an encounter on a deep human level, a means to discover one’s own healing potential, and a process of searching for answers together. In my practice I strive to keep on learning, and to keep on growing in my life.

Training in Psychotherapy: 
2013 – ongoing : Long-term training programme in Person-Centred Approach (PCA) psychotherapy as developed by Carl Rogers (Rogerian Therapy) – 720 group hours, 400 individual hours (PCA Institut Praha – PhDr. Vendula Junková, PhDr. Gabriela Langošová, PhDr. Jan Holeyšovský, PhDr. Václav Lepičovský) 
2010 – 2013: Prague Psychotherapeutic Faculty (Doc. PhDr. Jiří Růžička, Ph.D.) 
Courses, Seminars and Workshops:
12-month self experience and discovery programme Stargate, focusing on ritual practice and expanded states of consciousness (PhDr. Yvonna Lucká, Mgr. Michal Vančura) 
Introduction to Biosynthesis stages I and II (PhDr. Yvonna Lucká, PhDr.Barbora Janečková) 
Art Therapy in the Context of Biosynthesis (G.Hoppe, S.Lange) 
Alpha Nursing (Mona Lisa Boyesen) 
Gestalt Therapy (Mgr. Renata Čerňanská) 
Phenomenology (Prof. PhDr. Anna Hogenová CSc.) 
Group Therapy (Mgr. Jan Jakub Zlámaný) 
Autogenic Training (PhDr. Gabriela Langošová)
Jeu de peindre - Arno Sterns method (Martina Weissgerber)
Other Interests and Influences: 
Yoga, meditation, spirituality, painting, music and theatre, trips to the sea and the mountains, forests and fields, translation (Ken Wilber: Grace and Grit, published as “Odevzdání a odhodlání” by Maitrea, 2014), my children, my garden, Life.
“The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am,
then I change.”

                                                             (Carl Rogers)
Individual consultation
50 min       1000Kč
90 min       1500Kč

Couples consultation
90 min    1700Kč

Consutltation online
50 min      1000Kč

International consultation
50 min     55 Euros
Individual consultations

50 min  1000 Kč
90 min 1500 Kč

Couples consultations

90 min 1700 Kč

Consultations online

50 min 1000 Kč

International online consultation

50 min  55 €

If you are in a difficult financial situation, don't hesitate to contact me. It is possible to make some sort of discount.
Contact Me
I look forward to seeing you in the pleasant environment at my office in a city centre
Skálova 84 (1. patro) Turnov 51101
Contact me:
         +420 607 564 756

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